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INDIE Ultra DTF inks have anti-clogging technology and no ethylene glycol is in the ink

(2025 ethylene glycol is banned in the EU). 

Indie Ultra is compatible with Epson printheads and is manufactured in Europe with OEKO-TEX certification.

DTF ink is available reasonably priced and with unmatched reliability and consistency.

DTF (Direct-To-Foil) technology FTF (Foil-To-Fabric) is a new textile printing technology where the printer prints ink (first CMYK, then W) on to special PET foil.​ After the design is printed, a powder glue is applied to the ink and melted to form a bond with the printed ink. The powder becomes a 'bonding' layer for the ink and the design is ready to be transferred on textiles.


Designs that have the melted glue can be joined onto fabrics only when needed - you don't have to use them immediately after printing. Before melting the powder glue, for the first time, check the correct temperature settings!


Transfer the printed design to the fabric, cover with baking paper or Teflon foil and using a fixing heat press (15s, 140 °C - 160 °C depending on the fabric used), to join the design to the fabric. Remove the backing foil from the design at an angle. The temperatures and timing of when to remove the backing foil depends on the type of foil used and the fabric the design is joined to (testing is recommended!).


For better adhesion, we recommend covering the design once again with baking paper or Teflon foil and pressing again with high pressure for 5 seconds.

NZACO s.r.o. is a technology company that focuses on garment printing. Clothing is printed in Prostějov using textile inks. NZACO cooperates with other local and European companies. The products are imported in bulk to the Czech Republic and then distributed to other European countries. 

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