New Image Armor Light Shirt Formula

The new LIGHT Shirt Formula expands your printing capabilities beyond anything you thought possible with increased vibrancy and wash fastness.


  • Increased vibrancy, detail and wash fastness on White and Light colored 50/50 shirts, White and light colored 100% cotton shirts, and White 100% Polyester shirts
  • For use with CMYK only OR white+CMYK printing
  • No staining or scorching on white or light colored garments
  • Easy to use – no mixing required


SHARPER DETAILS, VIVID COLORS (Reds are redder, blacks are blacker), WASHES BETTER


Image Armor Ultra Pre-treatment

The latest addition to the Image Armor line of pre-treatments is the new ULTRA formula. ULTRA allows for the faster setting or gelling of DTG, Brother® or Epson® white ink. Designed for mid-dark colors to black garments and allows for faster printing speeds.


Printing onto dark polyester is possible using the Ultra pre-treatment. Polyester fabrics used for work wear, polo shirts and sports shirts can be printed using white ink. For a detailed information how to print on Polyester email


One litre of Concentrate Pretreatment will make 4 litres of pre-treatment when diluted with distilled water. (mix ratio = 1 part concentrate to 3 parts Distilled Water).

Image Armor Pretreatment

Pre-Treatment Type
  • Application:

    • When applying pretreatment to the garment, make sure to apply it as evenly as possible (mechanical pretreatment machines are the best).
    • Depending on the shirt being pretreated there are some variables to consider on how much to apply. A good starting point is 15-18 grams up to 18-26 grams per 35 x 35 cm area.

    Test to find your best laydown for the garment you are pretreating. Application amounts will vary based on the weight and quality of the garment being printed.

    • The heaver and darker the garment, the higher the amount of pretreatment needed.
    • The lighter the weight and color of the shirt, you can usually reduce the amount of fluid applied to the garment.


    • Set your heat press temperature to 165c. Cure for 30 seconds or two times 20 seconds.
    • Kraft paper should be used and easily removed from the fabric after curing. Teflon can result in a glossy sheen
    • Pressure setting: Heavier pressure can be used and will help press/mat down fibers during the drying process.
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