Image Armor E-SERIES™ Direct to Garment inks for all the Epson® re-purposed printers. These inks have a TRUE 35 second cure time that improves wash ability. The Image Armor E-SERIES™ inks keep the capping station and wipers clean and prints a better layer of white ink.


  • High Quality Image Armor E-Series DTG Ink
  • True 35 Second Drying Time for White & CMYK Inks
  • Almost 4x faster drying time compared to average DTG Ink
  • Excellent Wash Ability
  • Provides long lasting color and print quality after multiple washes


Printing onto dark polyester is now possible with the Image Armor inks using the Ultra pre-treatment. After many tests polyester printing with these inks is now possible. For detailed information about Polyester printing Email:

DTG Image Armor E - series ink

1 Liter of Ink
  • To achieve the BEST results when using Image Armor E-SERIES™ Inks, make sure that you do the following:

    • CLEAN your printer by flushing the entire lines, printheads, etc with IMAGE ARMOR™ PRINTER CLEANING SOLUTION. DO NOT USE THE PRINTER CLEANING SOLUTION FOR LONG TERM STORAGE OF YOUR PRINTER AS DAMAGE CAN RESULT TO YOUR LINES AND PRINTHEADS. The CLEANING Solution is fine for flushing the old inks from your printer and then loading the E-SERIES inks back into your printer. Do a couple of head cleanings or test prints to ensure all CLEANING Solution is vacated from the print head before starting any production runs.
    • ONLY use Image Armor E-SERIES™ Inks as a complete set in your printer. We do not recommend or suggest inter-compatibility with other DTG inks. Mixing inks can result in poor wash ability, coverage, adhesion, etc.
    • Use only Image Armor™ Pretreatments for best results. Other pretreatments are not recommended and can severely affect wash durability, adhesion, vibrancy, etc.
    • Cure the E-SERIES™ Inks at 180C for 35 seconds. You can go a little longer on the cure time, however best results are achieved at the suggested time and temperature.
    • Use light to medium pressure on the heat press to cure the ink.
    • Allow for 24 hours after heat pressing before washing the shirt. This allows continued curing of the ink. Washing immediately will result in about a 10-15% decrease in print quality life.
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