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The demand for direct-to-film (DTF) products has grown at an enormous rate in the last years and now  Mexar DTF inks (indie ink), the best DTF inks made in Europe, are easily available to EU clients. Mexar DTF inks don’t have high transport costs or extended transport times. Mexar inks don’t travel halfway around the world so have a long shelf life with crisp colours and a soft hand feel.

Mexar inks do have anti-clogging technologies and the white ink does not ‘separate’, if not used regularly. Mexar DTF inks are compatible with Epson Print-heads and are manufactured in Europe with OEKO TEX certification. Mexar DTF inks are available at a reasonable cost with unrivalled reliability and consistency. 

Mexar DTF inks are good quality but who makes Mexar DTF inks?
Mexar inkjet solutions make all inks in Newcastle upon Tyne. For a couple of decades, industrial inks have been made by Mexar for flooring, furniture, sublimation and large DTF firms, with huge success. Mexar now uses its experience to make DTF inks for commercial and domestic printing firms.

Features and benefits of Mexar DTF inks:
    • Highly opaque white ink
    • Vibrant CMYK (and spot colours available)
    • High stretch and wash resistance
    • ECO PASSPORT (Oeko Tex) approved
    • Freshly made giving maximum shelf life
    • Anti-Clogging Technology
    • Multistage nano-filtered for consistent results
    • No harmful glycols


Why use our DTF inks?

  • Manufacturer Pricing: Mexar are a true manufacturer of all our products we do not outsource any products or production. Everything is made internally, which gives you some of the industry leading prices available.


  • Experienced team: Mexar are a team of experts who live and breath inkjet technology and have many years of experience so that you can trust their products.


  • Excellent Results: We have collaborated the talented individuals of the team and their knowledge in order to produce the most reliable ink which has proven to be the best, we believe in the market. 

  • Mexar inks are OEKO-TEX certified. Reliable printing today and in the future. Inks with this certification have been thoroughly tested and researched to ensure their high quality.

Mexar DTF inks are available at a reasonable price with unmatched reliability and consistency.

What is DTF printing?

DTF (Direct To Foil) is a new textile printing technology where the image is mirrored and the printer prints (first CMYK, then W) onto transfer film. DTF printing is intended for transferring printed images onto textiles using a transfer foil. DTF images can be transferred to most fabrics.


Applying printed images to fabric using a heat press.

Pre-press the fabric (5 seconds at 150 - 160°C). Place the image on the fabric then cover the image with Teflon foil and press the transfer foil on the fabric for 10 - 15 seconds at 150 - 160°C with high pressure.

Using COLD release film. After the film is COLD, peel the transfer film away from the fabric, at an angle. 

Using HOT release film. Peel the transfer film away from the fabric, at an angle, while the fabric is still on the heat press. 

Recover the image with Teflon foil and press at a temperature between 150 - 160°C with high pressure for 5 seconds.


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